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Our world is changing fast, and the green wall industry is revolutionising even faster, day after day, month after month. Five years ago, the Green Wall concept was only talked between specialists and the clients had no patience to listen to our presentation. Now architects would be upset without including a piece of green wall. After four years’ waiting, we are happy to present you a new version of Living Wall: Jungle the Concrete. In this book, the collection of recent projects is updated accordingly and some of the technical drawings and data are up-to-date. Most of the projects are featured with detailed plant list which are very valuable information for the readers. New concept and new technologies in the green wall are introduced.In the first three chapters, youcan learn how to install an extraordinary green wall step by step: from very beginning like site assessment, to the middle stage including plant selection, waterproofing, installing the suitable lighting and irrigation & plant nutrition systems, and to the final stage like maintenance

Living Wall:Jungle the Concrete II